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Walk 4 Water 2019

Project team


Plenty Mercantile is a proud sponsor of this event that helps millions around the world. Every day, millions fill their buckets  with unsafe water that brings sickness and pain. This walk is real, but you can end it. You can make their load lighter. You can make their walk shorter. You can fight for safe water for all. You have a role to play. You can empower Water4 partners to bring access to safe water tothose who need it most. You can impact the lives of those who are forced to spend hours each day walking to fetch water.

On Saturday morning, October 5, people from all over Oklahoma will rally together at Oklahoma City’s Wheeler Park to join with millions worldwide in a walk to fetch water. Walk4Water will feature a closed walking course appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels designed to simulate the experience of a three-mile trek to collect water. You’ll start out carrying an empty bucket, fill it up around the halfway point, and then finish the walk with a full bucket of water. As you walk, you’ll experience a small glimpse into the daily life of the millions worldwide who are forced to make this walk every day to collect their water. Walk4Water is designed to raise funds to provide access to safe water to every home, school and clinic in the places where Water4 works, and you’ll receive your own unique Walk4Water fundraising page when you register to help make that happen. Every step you take is one step closer to a world where all people have access to safe water.

Walk 4 Water