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Urban Teahouse and Tenaciously Teal Partner to Help Cancer Fighters

Project team

A good cup of tea soothes the mind, body and soul.

No one knows this better than Kristy Jennings, Oklahoma City's tea guru, and Tarah Warren of Tenaciously Teal. 

Tarah, a former Cancer Fighter, now serves over 300 current Cancer Fighters each month. Tarah and volunteers create and deliver cancer care packages to fellow cancer fighters on the front end of their battle.  Each Cancer Care Pack is filled with day to day items Tarah and other cancer fighters have found helpful during their cancer treatment. Items include Gatorade, protein bars, hand sanitizer, lotion, kleenex, journals, green tea, crossword puzzles/word finds, chapstick, and cozy men’s and women’s socks.

"Green Tea? I can do that!"

Kristy Jennings Founder of Urban Teahouse, knows the value of green tea as a healing agent, "The antioxidants are proven to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and help the brain function."

Kristy says, "When I first heard of the work Tenaciously Teal does I thought, 'I can help.' So, we do. Urban Teahouse provides green tea for the care packages. In this small way, we hope to make a difference. We just want these people to know we care."

Tarah couldn't be more grateful. She says, "It's a big deal to us. We purchase most of the care package contents and it is really encouraging to have Kristy step in. The tea is really helpful. But, knowing she and others in the community care motivates me to keep going, to keep helping others."

Making a difference together.

The contents of each Cancer Care Package are sometimes donated and this helps Tarah do more good work! If you'd like to learn more about the contents and would like to pitch in, just send Tarah a quick note (TenaciouslyTeal@gmail.com) and share her story.

Kristy did, and it's making a difference.

"We can't do everything, but we do tea really well. We're grateful that giving what we can makes a difference in the people Tarah serves."

-Kristy Jennings, Urban Teahouse