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Shipwreck Talk Drew RamseySponsored by FOR GUTHRIE

Project team

Our Guest Speaker

Drew owns a portfolio of mobile app companies with his brother and partner Tyler. They have a fantastic team around the world that they work with remotely. Drew's primary focus in their companies is business development, partnerships, marketing, and management, although they all tend to wear many hats. They develop and publish mobile apps on iOS, Android and Kindle in almost every niche.


When: July 19, 2016 from 7:03pm to 8:33pm.

Where: 115 South 1st Street, Guthrie, OK

Learn from leaders

GuthrieAmerica hosts Shipwreck Talks to give dreamshippers the opportunity to share their story and how they work, so you can learn, be inspired and connect with likeminded people. GuthrieAmerica wants to see you grow in your own story and work from attending these talks for success. 

What is a dreamshipper?

Simple--A dreamshipper is a person who has a DREAM and ACTS on it. We call the "ACTING" part "SHIPPING".

Join us.

To learn more about this Shipwreck talk and other events visit us at GuthrieAmerica.org.