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Red Brick NightsSponsored by Red Brick Nights


Red Brick Nights is Unique

"It's an event that's true to our town and state even," says Justin Fortney about Red Brick Nights. "We wanted to host parties through the summer that put music, friends and food at the center of the event in a cool venue. Guthrie is amazing. The history, architecture and music scene of Guthrie really enhances the event."

Red Brick Nights is a wonderful street festival with a monthly concert featuring amazing, emerging artists held on the first Saturday of each month from May through October. The historic backdrop couldn't be better-- Byron Berline's, Double Stop Fiddle Shop--and the camaraderie is intoxicating.

The Big Idea Behind it All

Justin sees the whole event as neighborly. He says, "It's hard to beat a shared experience. You throw in music and a meal and it's a lot easier to get to know one another. It's about being good neighbors and better friends with those in the Guthrie community and really all around us."

In fact, the event draws an equal share, 50% of participants, from Guthrie and the surrounding areas. What better way to connect than a meal and music? 

A Community Effort for a Community Event

James Long, co-organizer noted, "When the idea first occurred, we knew it would take a community effort, so we started asking around to see who might be interested and the support was overwhelming."

The City of Guthrie, Guthrie Chamber of Commerce and a growing list of businesses including John Vance Auto Group, Guthrie Real Estate and Hoboken Coffee just ran with the vision to make it real. It's not just fun, it's good for the community. "Guthrie is a great place to hang out, have fun and live even. It's really a walkable community and the out-of-towners showing up are beginning to realize that," said Cody Mosley. 

Each Month, Same Day, Same Place

Red Brick Nights is held the first Saturday of each month from May through October. You can learn more here. If you'd like to participate as a Food Truck or Pop Up Shop, you may learn more by contacting the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce.

Join us!