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Mpb stacked black 211a723cba8d9e6312e26f134fadc80c86b1b549d212bf64d6ba64d29a96453bMade Possible By Us

Plenty Mercantile Making a Difference with Water4

Project team

Addressing the world water crisis and changing lives.

"As a business owner, I want my children to see me as a mom and woman step outside of...well, the cultural norms,” says Traci Walton, Founder of Oklahoma City’s Plenty Mercantile.

Traci goes on to say, "It's because of the commitment of Plenty Mercantile’s customers, that we’re able to give back in our community and abroad. At Plenty Mercantile we believe there is no better way to make a difference in the world water crisis and the people that suffer from the affects of unclean water than supporting Water4."

Making a difference together.

"Water4 provides a solution to the water crisis and there’s just no way we can turn away from that. Really, our sponsorship and gift to Water4 is from us and the customers and community we serve locally. Together, we made this gift possible," concludes Traci.

Water4 provides water solutions in a sustainable way throughout Africa. They do more than drill wells, they provide equipment and training that resources local people to drill and service wells in their community. It’s a revolutionary model driven by revolutionary equipment. We encourage you to learn more about Water4.

"Thanks to our customers, community and Water4 we can help make this difference."

-Traci Walton