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Oklahoma Women in Technology (OKWIT)Sponsored by amshot

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Oklahoma Women in Technology

Oklahoma Women in Technology (OKWIT) is a nonprofit organization of professionals in the technology industry, with a determination to bridge the gap between genders in STEM fields. Their goal is to better network and promote women within the industry across Oklahoma while educating and encouraging young women to continue their interest and studies in STEM fields.

OKWIT Spring and Fall Retreats

To increase awareness of technology careers, OKWIT hosts bi-yearly half-day retreats for young women interested in a career in technology or other STEM fields. The Spring Retreat allows ~150 young women (ages 13 – 18 years old) to 1) meet and hear from two technology professionals about their careers via short presentations, 2) tour their technology departments and 3) tour the data centers at three different local enterprise-level companies. The Fall Retreat provides a deeper look into technology-centric careers for ~300 high school aged girls. The goal of the retreats is to show the wide range of careers and environments that are available in the technology industry. The event also helps foster networking or mentoring opportunities as well as resources for students as they look toward the possibilities of STEM degrees.

OKWIT relies on scholarships donated by local businesses and individuals to put on their Spring and Fall Retreats each year.