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Language is Power, #LiteracyForLifeSponsored by Conexa

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Celebrate and Honor Students by Sharing #LiteracyForLife

May 20th, 2016 at 8:30am students at Oklahoma City's Lee Elementary will celebrate a major milestone, after meeting their reading goals for the year.

1 Million Words Read!

400 students  accomplished their lofty goal of reading 1 Million words, "We're extremely proud of the students for their work, and teachers for their dedication. Reading is a gateway to opportunity and Lee's students are ahead of the curve," said Oklahoma City Public School Community Relations Manager Deisy Escalera.

For many this is seemingly a routine challenge, but 1 out of  4 students nationally struggle with the basic skills of reading and writing.. In Oklahoma City's Public School (OKCPS), the challenge is compounded by a language barrier. Nearly 14,000 students at OKCPS, 31% of the student body , are not just learning to read and write in the English language they're in the process of learning English as a second  language.

#LiteracyForLife, Launching Now.

Conexa, an Oklahoma City based Internet Service Provider, is celebrating the moment with these children by throwing a party and providing dual-language reading primers.

Friday, May 20th at 8:30am, Conexa will arrive at Lee by helicopter with the company mascot “Turbo”, and deliver more than  600 dual-languagebooks  designed to equip Lee's students to keep reading over the summer.The books  were custom designed and drawn by Conexa's artists and bilingual staff. They kick off their #LiteracyForLife initiative in Oklahoma City on May 20th and expect to offer the tool in each of their 21 markets over time.

This human-centered initiative is all about connecting the disconnected and opening doors of opportunity. Jason Ledlow, Conexa’s founder, has a deep passion for language, reading and literacy and put it this way: “As an entrepreneur, I'm a proponent of opportunity. Literacy and language is a key to both. I read with my kids to help them grow and I want all families to grow to their potential. This is about people, families and a brighter future.”

#LiteracyForLife allows Conexa to give back to the communities they serve. The initiative is starting in Oklahoma City and is expanding throughout Conexa's National Network. "We see the passion Jason and Conexa have for literacy and their enthusiasm honors, rewards and equips our students. Our students' accomplishment is a moment worth celebrating and we're grateful to have Conexa's participation in making the most of the moment," concludes Escalera.

Want to help?

Celebrate Lee's Students With Us. Join the Party, Share the Story.

Want to help? A simple share with #LiteracyForLife will help drive awareness around the literacy challenge so many students face. And, awareness of the problem is the first step in providing a solution.

Share with #LiteracyForLife and learn more on the Conexa Community page.