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Mpb stacked black 211a723cba8d9e6312e26f134fadc80c86b1b549d212bf64d6ba64d29a96453bMade Possible By Us

I Support The GirlsSponsored by Watkins-Conti Products, Inc.



Through an international network of Affiliates, I Support the Girls collects and distributes essential items, including bras, underwear, and menstrual hygiene products, allowing women experiencing homelessness, impoverishment, or distress to stand tall with dignity.

A woman shouldn’t have to choose between feeding herself and her personal health.  Every woman should have the ability to maintain her dignity.

Whether they be homeless, refugees, in transitional housing, or fleeing domestic violence, women and girls should never have to compromise on dignity. We partner with over 800 vetted organizations to meet the needs of the women we come in contact with. So far, more than 550,000 girls and women have been able to retain their dignity through our product drop-offs.

People experiencing homelessness are stripped of their dignity. People pass them by on the street as if they’re invisible.

Every person, regardless of their circumstances, is worthy of honor and respect. We need to treat every human with the respect they deserve. That starts with providing basic necessities for those who lack access or can’t afford it.

I Support The Girls has 50 affiliates across the United States and another 4 globally. 

Since their founding in 2015, I Support The Girls has 

Collected and distributed 741,000 bras
Collected and distributed 7,200,000 menstrual hygiene products
Worked with 1,800 vetted partner organizations
Partnered with more than 300 business and corporations to organize drives and collections