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Mpb stacked black 211a723cba8d9e6312e26f134fadc80c86b1b549d212bf64d6ba64d29a96453bMade Possible By Us

Easter Seals Oklahoma and C21 Goodyear Green

  • Given$2,010
  • Needed$5,990
  • Goal$8,000
Project Partners & Collective Contributions
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Offering Help and Hope to Oklahomans with disabilities for 89 Years

Easter Seals Oklahoma is committed to enhance the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities so they may live with equality, dignity and independence.

"We serve Oklahomans in through adult day services, early learning centers for children of all abilities ages 2-6, direct financial assistance and medical rehabilitation," says Paula Porter, President, Easter Seals Oklahoma, "We serve a unique group of children, adults and their caregivers. As we say, 'Disabilities is Our Mission.' Through therapy, education and support solutions we help those we serve live, learn, work and play."

CENTURY 21 Goodyear Green and Easter Seals Oklahoma: A 35 Year Partnership

Krista Massad, Principal Broker, notes, "CENTURY 21 Goodyear Green has served buyers, sellers and our communities for more than 35 years. Throughout that history we've partnered with Easter Seals Oklahoma. Helping those with disabilities live richer, more rewarding lives lines up with our company values and culture. We're thrilled to support Easter Seals Oklahoma and invite others to join us." 

As a token of our partnership, CENTURY 21 Goodyear Green will be donating $2000 to start off our Christmas Campaign.

Learn More

Making a difference this Holiday Season is simple and rewarding. To learn more about Easter Seals Oklahoma, visit their website.