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Mpb stacked black 211a723cba8d9e6312e26f134fadc80c86b1b549d212bf64d6ba64d29a96453bMade Possible By Us

City Care's Odyssey ProjectSponsored by Blue Seven

Project team

The Odyssey Project is an annual, signature event dreamed up to raise funds to further the mission of City Care. This event invites attendees to reimagine and reconsider their proximity to the unique circumstances facing our friends on the margins. They intentionally build out an immersive experience as an invitation to consider this simpe mantra: the best journey leads you home. 

Blue Seven has sought out ways to collaborate with City Care through the Clean Start Project, and we intend to have a staff presence at their upcoming Odyssey Project. We deeply value people and see City Care's work as both restorative and extremely necessary as they seek to eradicate chronic homelessness.

Their mission is as follows:  

We believe in the intrinsic value of every person. It is with love and compassion we advocate for the overlooked in our community. We provide food for the hungry and relief for the hurting and hold space for the complete restoration of lives that have gotten off course. With enough endurance, we witness, firsthand, remarkable stories of transformation.

At the intersection of strangers becoming friends, City Care was initiated. By simply doing the next right thing, offering a weekly breakfast to our neighbors experiencing homelessness, our organization was founded.

We believe the home is the heartbeat of the family. It should be a sanctuary, a place of deep rest, discovery, and healing. And to that end, we have built and offered up 104 units of supportive and permanent housing to our neighbors transitioning out of homelessness. In peer-supported community, our residents are given a safe space to exhale. Lives are redeemed, and stories are renewed.

We know one of the keys to changing the course of intergenerational poverty is a positive disruption in cycles of low academic achievement. That’s why we started our Whiz Kids program, a one-on-one mentorship and literacy program for students in Oklahoma City metro schools.

For more than 23 years, City Care has served our neighbors well, with quiet excellence, offering homeless services, supportive housing, and prevention of school failure through literacy to dramatically change the intergenerational effects of poverty.