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Blue Seven and Jasper House HaitiSponsored by Blue Seven

Project team

No Coincidence

I stumbled upon Maria's instagram feed and noticed she was familiar--turns out she had been a great Blue Seven customer and had moved to Haiti and was just starting Jasper House. I immediately reached out to her to see how Blue Seven could help.  We hit it off immediately and I knew we were supposed to support her work because of her heart for women in Haiti.

-Caleb Arter, Blue Seven

About Jasper House

Jasper House offers a transitional restoration home, education, therapy and job training to young women in Haiti who have left lives of prostitution, exploitation and abuse. We seek to turn oppression, tragedy, and misfortune into opportunities for empowerment and renewal for young women in Haiti.

We achieve this through holistic care that treats the whole person with programs that enhance the mind, body and soul.

Our vision is to help young women realize their ability to rise above opposition and defeat, to be champions of change within their homes, communities and nation.


Blue Seven is grateful for the work Maria has undertaken at Jasper House and the lives their work impacts. We are also grateful for those we serve in Oklahoma City through Blue Seven because our committment to Jasper House is only possible because of the loyal people we serve in our community. 

We encourage you to learn more about Jasper House and the work our fellow Okie, Maria, is doing in Haiti.