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Made for #CommunityMinded companies

The buisnesses we serve love to give back to their communities with their time, product, and cash. It's rewarding, but not easy.
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See how we do it

Watch this video to see how we help buisness owners like Stacy save time and give more to the community.

Save Time. Share Stories.

Connect with your customers.

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Streamline your requests
Roll all your contribution requests to a single online form.
Company values icon 78d9480886d939e581d7cb61222dd9042061e3f018d9ff75c9272f0c9a478cc3
Promote Company Values
Publish your giving guidelines and core values for all to see.
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Champion Your Cause
Share the story of those you invest in and the difference you made possible.
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Organize Your Giving
Manage your contribution types in one place: cash, in kind gifts, and volunteer hours.
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Build A Positive Brand
Be known in your community for the good you made possible.


Community Impact Page

Showcase your story, values, and giving in a personal, dedicated page.

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Icon for Good
Add the icon for good to your website to start the giving process and connect to your community like never before
Testimonial megan vance ochs d6cbebc167dbad0790995be56a410fcfcd7bb9250ef9e0e86cc0e278f63c5504
Made Possible By has given us a great, unique way to highlight our community involvement in a way that doesn't scream, 'Look at me!'
Megan Vance Ochs
Vice President, John Vance Auto Group


of consumers rank giving back to the community as the most important attribute of a business.

- Clutch Reasearch


of millenials wish it were easier to know which companies were doing good in the world.

- Global PR Firm MSL Group

Serving Community Minded Companies
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